Latest Update
Update on completion of road projects by RIDCOR in the State of Rajasthan
The Government of Rajasthan had entrusted 5 road stretches under the Mega Highways Phase I project aggregating to 2100 lane kms to Rajasthan Infrastructure Development Company of Rajasthan (RIDCOR), in which the Company has 50% beneficial interest. Considering the performance of RIDCOR, Government of Rajasthan had further entrusted seven additional project roads aggregating to 715 lane kms We wish to inform that of the aforesaid, two roads namely, (i) Alwar to Bhiwadi (340 lane kms) and (ii) Hanumangarh to Sangaria (44 lane kms) have been completed. The work on these projects have been completed 10 months ahead of schedule completion date and the toll collection has commenced since yesterday
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