Current Tender

Basic Information
Tender No. 034
Company inviting tender Barwa Adda Expressway Limited
Bid Security/Period of validity. ₹ 3,00,000
Validity:- 60 Days beyond bid due date
Performance BG//Period of validity 3% of the Contract Value of works.
The BG shall be valid till end of DLP
Contact Person Email Id
Contact person Contact details Mr. Ravikumar Praveen / Sachin Joshi
Tel.: +91 022-26593693/022-26594804,
Facsimile: +91 022-26533295
Notice Inviting Tender
Tender Document RFB - VOL 1- Section 1 to 5-Lighting works-BAEL
RFB Vol 2-Section 6 & 7- Lighting works-BAEL
Pre Bid Query Response
corrigendum/ Amendments