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ITNL is today positioned as a unique infrastructure company with a diversified asset base, financial and managerial resources, effective management systems and technology exposure, backed by strong managerial support from IL&FS


Strong track record

We have an established track record for successfully bidding, developing and operating BOT road projects on a commercial basis. We have a pan-India presence and a diverse project portfolio consisting of 22 road projects, comprising of more than 13,100 lane kilometers in various stages of development, construction or operation.


Experienced management team

We have an experienced professional team of senior managers who have on an average of over 15 years of management and operational experience in the surface transportation sector. We also benefit from the liaison our management team has developed with State and Central government entities and various financial institutions.


Extensive and advanced execution capabilities

We provide end-to-end solutions for BOT road projects, ranging from conceptualization through commissioning to operations, maintenance, and management. We have advanced capabilities in terms of how we design projects and the technology we use.


In-house expertise

We have an in-house design team that assists in evaluating prospective projects for bidding, preparing feasibility studies. Additionally, we have an in-house ISO 9001-2000 certified testing laboratory for a number of our project development, operation and maintenance activities. ITNL’s in house Tolling Systems Development team has developed and implemented a Semi-Automatic Toll Collection system which is being used in our Operational Projects


Strong support from our promoter

Our Promoter, IL&FS, has a very impressive track record of promoting and financing public infrastructure projects in India. We believe we have been able to leverage the goodwill and expertise of IL&FS for expanding our business and for financing of our projects.