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ITNL has been involved in the development and implementation of important Highways, Flyovers, Bridges and Roads. These projects have been designed on international standards in terms of technology and facilities. These Roads are strategically important as they connect major industrial and social centres of the country.
Thiruvananthapuram City Roads (Phase II)

We are developing roads with an aggregate length of approximately 158 Lane kms in Thiruvananthapuram city in the State of Kerala in three phases - Phase I, Phase II and Phase III. We completed Phase I in November 2006. Phase II and Phase III, which are currently under construction, includes the development of 107 Lane kms. The concession for Phases II and III of this project was awarded to us by the Kerala Road Fund Board on a BOT (Annuity) basis for a period of 17.5 years (including an initial construction period of two and a half years) which commenced in May 2004 and will end in May 2027. We expect to complete the construction of Phases II and III of this project in or around November 2011.