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ITNL has been involved in the development and implementation of important Highways, Flyovers, Bridges and Roads. These projects have been designed on international standards in terms of technology and facilities. These Roads are strategically important as they connect major industrial and social centres of the country.

Subsequent to completion of RIDCOR Phase I Project, Government of Rajasthan has awarded following 7 new project roads to RIDCOR under Phase II:

  1. Alwar to Bhiwadi Road (4-Lane) - 340 lane km
  2. Arjunsar to Pallu Road - 76 lane km
  3. Jhalawar to Jhalawar Road -60 lane km
  4. Hanumangarh to Sangaria - 44 lane km
  5. Kapren to Mangrol - 116 lane km
  6. Jhalawar to Ujjain (Upto Raj. Border) - 62 lane km
  7. Khushkhera to Kasola Chowk - 17 lane km