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ITNL has been involved in the development and implementation of important Highways, Flyovers, Bridges and Roads. These projects have been designed on international standards in terms of technology and facilities. These Roads are strategically important as they connect major industrial and social centres of the country.
Warora Chandrapur Ballarpur Road Project

Warora Chandrapur Ballarpur Toll Road Limited has been promoted by IL&FS Transportation Networks Limited (ITNL), Vishvaraj Infrastructure Limited and Diva Media Private Limited for Four laning of Warora Chandrapur Ballarpur Bamani road and bridges on SH 264 part Warora to Chandrapur km 40/00 to 83/400, part Chandrapur to Bamni km 94/00 to 107/800  including Chandrapur bypass road (SH 266) km 0/00 to 5/200 and 1.2 km length of SH 267 in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra under DBFOT (Toll) basis. 

The Concession has been granted by Public Works Department, Government of Maharashtra.

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