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IL&FS Transportation Networks Limited (ITNL) is the largest BOT Road Asset owner in India in terms of length of road in its portfolio. ITNL has a diverse portfolio of projects in the surface transportation segment mainly in the PPP (Public Private Partnership) Road Sector. ITNL acts as developer, operator and facilitator of surface transportation infrastructure projects, taking projects from conceptualization through commissioning to operations and maintenance.

ITNL is a market leader in the transportation infrastructure sector with more than 13,100 lane km in its portfolio comprised in 25 road projects. The project portfolio of ITNL has an optimum blend of toll and annuity based projects, is geographically diversified with presence in 17 states within India and has projects in various stages of commissioning as well as commissioned projects thus offering a significantly de-risked and scalable business model.

ITNL has also ventured into other transportation sub-sectors such as Railways, Urban Transportation Systems and Border Check-posts. ITNL is currently developing a metro rail project in Gurgaon, a border check post project for the state of Madhya Pradesh, and operating a city bus transportation network in the city of Nagpur. In March 2008, ITNL commenced its international operations through the acquisition of Elsamex S.A. (“Elsamex”), a Spanish group involved in providing maintenance services primarily for highways and roads in many European and Latin American countries.








Elsamex India


Elsamex Spain


Map not to scale Lines don't depict political boundaries 

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